UG urban scene converges at Niwe Akeine’s listening party

February 17, 2022

What seemed like the entire urban scene turned up Wednesday afternoon, to witness Niwe Akeine’s, self-titled, maiden EP listening party, at Tavern Breeze in Najjera. The project is a collaboratio with producer Axon.

By the time Akeine showed up immaculately in her short grey dress, the audience was already seated and vibing to the all-Ugandan mix by DJ Eyo-Mackus. 

After being introduced by the MC, Brandy Azeirwe, Akeine, the lady of the hour wasted no time and took her seat at the front, together with Axon (‘the beat Michael Jackson’).

She took the crowd through the EP, letting each song play, and only coming in towards the end to perform and explain the process behind the track. 

She thanked Axon for his direction and guidance, before performing with her collaborators, including Lagum the rapper, Ssebo Lule, Joshua Baraka and Denesi.

‘Tingatsiga’, ‘Uninspired’, ‘Carry On’ and ‘Legeza’, seemed to elicit the most screams from the crowd. The latter got people on their feet and she (together with Denesi) had to repeat it, twice.

Scenes at Tavern Breeze

Axon, while taking the audience through the EP’s journey, lauded Akeine for her work ethic. 

“It wasn’t an easy journey but if we had given up, we wouldn’t be here to celebrate,” he said.

The Niwe Akeine project is expected to drop before the end of the week, and will be uploaded on streaming platforms.

Words and photos by Benezeri Wanjala, The Clan