Review: Kohen Jaycee’s ‘Wena’ is a masterstroke

January 20, 2020

Kohen Jaycee released his debut single “Not Letting Go” last February. It was a beautiful, melodic song. He was not backed by any of the big labels, and neither was he promoting any new label in the intro of the song. However, he sounded composed and confident like he had been in the game for a while. Even then, how many good songs come and go by unnoticed? The song crept into the playlists of many DJs and radio stations, and its video on TVs. Soon, celebrities on social media were using it as background music in their Instagram posts. Today, it is widely considered as one of the best Ugandan love songs released in 2019.

It is against this backdrop that Kohen Jaycee released his debut project, “Wena”, an eight- song EP. He worked with producers, Abaasa, Chef Barry, Baru, Axon, Herbert Skillz and Alvin Brown. It’s a delightful piece of art. 

On “Twala Nze”, he demonstrates his melodic ability. With catchy lyrics on a laid back but danceable beat, it’s bound to be a staple for DJs this 2020.

Ndi Nawe is a song that people are going to propose to their girlfriends to, and they (the girlfriends) will say yes. On “Tamed”, he goes back to the RnB basics, proving his versatility. The title track, “Wena”, also lives up to its billing, with its infectious ad libs (“But all I know…”).

Generally, it’s a solid project from a young man that is going to be around for a long time. 

Clan Writer