Review: Baru and Precious produce a gem

January 20, 2020

Producer Baru and singer Precious have teamed up to give us the “Magdalene” album. Within moments of its release, it kicked up a buzz on social media, especially Twitter, and for good reason.

Precious’s voice is precious. It’s silky. It’s secure. It isn’t screaming for attention. It is mature. It knows. Baru, the sound connoisseur, matches her energy accurately. Together, it’s a marriage made in heaven. It’s a mellow, soft album. It is sad. It’s like an Adele project, but less angry. It’s vulnerable. On “Benz”, Precious sings “I will be better than ever, without you.” Halfway down the song, she pauses and Baru’s instruments speak for half a bar, and when Precious resumes, you feel like you’re in sync with both of them. And that’s just the third song on the album. 

On “Just like home”, Precious effortlessly floats across the lower registers as she inquires, “Would it be too much to ask that I’m the only- one that you’re loving? You feel just like home.” This album sets a new standard in Uganda’s vocal realm. It’s no wonder that when it was released it shot straight up to number one on the Apple Music Album charts for Uganda. 

Baru and Precious have given a new meaning to the phrase “substance over hype”. They have shown that talent and dedication know no borders. To know that this album was written, produced and sung by two Ugandans, gives one immeasurable pride. The future is bright.

Clan Writer