Mark Mick and his love for the girl from Nabisunsa

April 04, 2020

Very few could have anticipated the lockdown that we are experiencing at the moment. However every cloud has been said to have a silver lining. One of the blessings that COVID-19 has bestowed on us is that attention has been turned to Ugandan content. Songs, podcasts, videos- it’s an overflow of Ugandan gems.

One song in particular that has enjoyed the spotlight in the past few weeks is “Girl from Nabisunsa” by the s5 student, Mark Mick. It was produced by the multi talented DJ Slugface. Released in mid November, the song has enjoyed an organic viral rise, not dissimilar to the disease that has held the world hostage.

In the song, he expresses how much he is impressed by a certain girl from the school Nabisunsa, and how “she a wine and take it down low to the floor.” It’s a mixture of genres. He raps and delivers some Jamaican Patois, before he goes into full melody, singing in both English and Luganda. 

It’s a catchy song with a heavy bass line, and it would definitely tear up the speakers on Bandali Rise and other spots, in the way that Adrenaline Music’s “Some Ka Money” did, if the bars were still open. Instead, it has found other means to move. Its YouTube link is moving clandestinely on Whatsapp and Telegram. It seems to have transcended the high school demographic for which it was likely intended. It has seeped into other spheres, and it continues spreading. 

I was able to get in touch with the teenage rapper through a friend of a friend, of a friend. Mark Mick reveals that the song was inspired by a true story. “The song was inspired by a girl that I had a crush on. She could dance, eh,” he admits. He says he released it and created a challenge, in which he advised people to post a video singing the lyrics. He attributes the song’s success to that initial endeavor. He says some “top public figures” have approached him to do a remix for the song. He has no doubt anymore that the song is something special. “When I stopped having to do introductions then I knew that kiliya,” he says as he laughs. 

I was initially under the impression that it was the rapper’s first song, but he says it isn’t. He has been doing trap music for the last six years, honing his craft and building his audience. He is 18 years old and therefore he’s been recording since he was 12. He has an EP to his name, released mid last year, entitled Bad Feeds. It is available for streaming and for download on YouTube, Howwe Biz, and other platforms. 

Mark Mick is not resting on his laurels, or letting the attention get to his head. He has released follow up singles, “Skywalker”, with Josh Forehead, “Silina Bizibu” and “SafeBoda”. SafeBoda has garnered 2200 YouTube views in the first week of its release as a single. Half of those views, he says, were from the first day. He has posted a teaser animation video on his Instagram page, in the mould of Joeboy’s “Beginning” and “Baby”. He promises to release the full video when he attains 10,000 YouTube views.

So what next for the young rapper? I ask him to list his top five. He cites Josh Forehead, Pryce Teeba, Kavali King, Fik Fameika and Kemishan, in that order. These are potential future collaborations. Also, he is still in school. He has attended four schools in as many years. He went to Ndejje SSS, St. Peter’s Naalya, Forest Hill College and is now at African Pearl School, in s5. He plans to study aeronautical engineering at university. Apart from that, “my plan for the next decade is making money,” he says, “as usual.”

By Wanjala