Interview: Lukas births Blacc Vibes

June 14, 2022

Lukas Blacc recently released his highly anticipated BOBV (Birth of Blacc Vibes) album. The Clan had a chat with him

In the intro, Trouble Merci spits Jamaican patois eloquently. How much has Jamaican music influenced your sound?

I grew up on Ugandan ragga dancehall from the likes of Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool, Chameleone and the like, so the genre has always been entrenched in me. 

More recently I’ve fallen in love with the current wave of Jamaican acts like Konshens, Popcan, Vybz Kartel and the like. I have tried to incorporate the reggae-dancehall sound into the Blaccvibes to give it life because that’s what I feel like the genre brings to music.

I wanted my intro to showcase this inspiration which would be exhibited throughout the album.

Chemistry is really important for collaborations. How were you able to achieve that with Akeine in ‘How Far.’ What was the creative process behind that song?

How Far was one of the tracks Axon and I paid keen attention to because it exhibited so much potential from the moment the first melodies were composed. 

We knew the track needed a queen’s touch and just a few weeks later I discovered Akeine through Bantu Vibes and I knew she’d do it justice.

Kudos to Akeine for her grace and kindness . She was on time for the studio session. She had penned a hard verse and her delivery was awesome too. I can’t wait to work with her again.

I think our chemistry was achieved through understanding what we were going for with the song, a melodic African urban tune with a touch of love and this I believe I achieved with Axon and Akeine.

One of the biggest revelations on the project is the silky-voiced Jenesis. How did you guys link up and what was your reaction when you heard his part?

I met Jenesis at BramBram while I was compiling the album. 

You can’t say enough about his raw talent, it’s immense. As a person Jenesis is a positive guy and is all about good vibes.

We came up with Sasila in a jam session and I was blown away by Jenesis’s skills on the guitar and vocals. I presented the idea for a reggae inspired song to Axon who went ahead to do what Axon does and then came Sasila.

On ‘One thing’ you feature Lagum and Bangi, and just like in ‘Catching Flights’, the combination was explosive. How did you know they would be the right fit for the sound of that particular song?

The choice was made easier in a way by Catching Flights because their chemistry was undeniable there. 

I wanted to close out the album with an engaging rap verse but a memorable hook so Bangi was gracious enough to lend BoBV her voice then Lagum with what was poetry in motion.

One Thing was a good way to close out the album and with their chemistry tried and tested it was clear that the album needed an award winning touch.

This is a Bram Bram executive-produced project. What is it about the studio and the label that attracted you?

BramBram’s track record with artistes, the undeniable talent of Axon as well as the hospitality by the CEO of Brambram and Executive Producer of BoBV,  KDerrick, who was willing to listen and support my ideas. 

It’s been a good experience with Brambram so far.

Axon has evolved into a super-producer on the scene. His consistency is second to none. What is it about him that sets him apart?

There’s nothing that Axon hasn’t yet proven craft wise so I think what sets him apart is his qualities as a man. Wise, patient, humble and flexible. This is why he has earned the nickname the GodFather.

What inspired the title BoBV?

I’ve always wanted to create a genre transcending sound peculiar to me called Blaccvibes so this being my first project it was the Birth of Blaccvibes in short BoBV

You’re a finalist at Law School and yet you have managed to release such a top project. How do you schedule your time in order to deliver in both disciplines?

I divide my time well and do what I can without trying to do too much.

I do what I have to when the moment calls for it and when I can multitask I do that. 

Music is my love and law school is a goal I have to achieve so I give each the energy it needs. 

Also I’ve been inspired by friends like DJ DKay who pursued deejaying while at law school. They made it look possible so I follow.

The fans have wholeheartedly embraced the project, and it has flown up the streaming charts, can you describe how that makes you feel?

It’s truly a blessing and I don’t take the love for granted. The Blacc Army responded well and the anticipation was there for all to see.

The fans make everything possible and Iam truly grateful to the Blacc Army for their support every step of the way.

What song do people seem to have responded to the most and why do you think that is?

Surprisingly or not so much (haha) everyone is divided on their favorite track. But notable early favorites include Senorita, Ebyange, How Far, Sasila and One Thing.

What does the rest of 2022 look like for Lukas Blacc? 

This year me and my team will be working on taking BoBV as far as we can and try to interact with the fans as much as possible.

By Benezeri Wanjala, The Clan