Interview – Ganzi discusses “Company” video, EWF, living in China, and more

July 17, 2020

In an exclusive interview with The Clan, Ganzi discusses his brand new “Company” music video, his label – Everyday Without Fail, what he learnt from living in China for seven years, his friendship with MarV, and much more

Congratulations on the new video. Where was it shot, who shot it, and what was the experience like?

Thank you. The scenes from the music video were all shot in an apartment. Ms Ninja was the Director/Editor, alongside Bulzai who was the actual shooter. 

The experience overall was really fun, and most of all economical. [It] Was able to balance the budget in these COVID times and actualize the script, which went smooth and according to plan. 

Talk a bit about EWF. What inspired its formation and what do you guys have in store for us

Everyday Without Fail is a 360 Entertainment Company. The organisation is based on commitment to create, shape and distribute entertainment and lifestyle products.

As a company, we derive our inspiration from the vibrant street culture and the emerging sound on the Ugandan scene. Moving forward, expect EWF to be a hub for creatives to create as well as offer 360 distribution of content on a wide scale. 

You and MarV are frequent collaborators. How was your musical friendship formed

I know MarV for the longest time. That’s my best friend since primary school. We’ve been performing from early, dancing at school talent shows, [participating in] rap battles every now and then. Am really not surprised we’ve got great chemistry in the booth. His good people and great energy.

You lived in China for a certain time. How did that experience shape you, as well as the musician you are today

Living in China for seven years brought a lot of growth. Far away from family and friends meant I had to find a way to fit into that society. Try out new things, learn new skills, make meaningful friendships/connections and that’s where I met my crew, Nimbus League. The group contributed a lot to my early music life. JayEsGee (currently known as Sayejayy) basically dropped the textbook in my laps on how to become an artist. I’m really glad he had my back then. All his teachings started to make sense when I got back home. LOL

You’re a man of many talents. You’re a rapper, a photographer, video director and editor, and in the past you were known as an energetic dancer and fearless rugby player. What do you attribute your many gifts to?

I still dance by the way! Don’t play with me lol. I attribute my skills to my friends who always push me to be a better artist and also old fashioned YouTube for conditioning the drip. Those two keep me seasoned.

What personal values do you live by?

I value honesty, competition, cooperation, consistency and happiness

What lessons have you learnt in the music industry so far?

Patience is key. Don’t give up just because you may not have blown yet. Your life can change with just one banger. The lesson learnt – cook up a banger as soon as possible

What are some of your personal highlights in the industry thus far?

My highlights so far would probably be the time I curtain raised for Diplo alongside my team, Nimbus League, at the Myth Festival in 2016, when I was still in China.

Also, dropping my first EP, “Rare Sounds” back in March 2019, and getting nominated for “Mixtape of the year” at the MTN UG Hip-Hop Awards 2020.

What is your take on the urban music scene in Uganda?

The urban music scene in Uganda is growing at an exponential rate. We still have a long way to go but it’s very promising. We shouldn’t be surprised if a Ugandan urban artist ends up with a Grammy. 

Who are your top five urban musicians in Uganda right now?

I may have to go with Ceee, Chenkobe, Riddym, Kohen Jaycee, Jeromy Shammah. I’ve got some more but these five are my favourite go-to for now.

How about the top five producers you have worked with

Ledra, Axon, Baru, MarV & Aho 

What impact do you think COVID-19 will have on the Ugandan scene in the coming decade

Artists are going to have to cut costs in production. Learn a couple more skills such as videography & editing

Shows/events are expected to start again probably mid next year, and that’s still unforeseen, so that means it’s time to shift all performances online. Live streaming will be the way forward. If there is a way airplay can be monetised, it would work to our benefit as traditional revenue streams are on halt.

Concepts like home concerts or living-room shows could see growth. Virtual reality experiences could see growth as well; we’ll see an increase in virtual reality content. [As well as] Holograms and more.

What do Ganzi and EWF have in store for us in the near future?

We are currently working on new music. Collaborations are endless. EWF is also working on a streetwear clothing brand, [that I] cannot wait to share with y’all.

Is there anything else you’d like to say

Special shoutout to everyone who is vibing with the music. Thank you The Clan for having me.

By Wanjala