EP Review: After the Pain by Shawn Maine

November 11, 2020

Shawn Maine’s new EP, “After the Pain”, is a passionate love letter.  Right from the beginning in “See me now”, Shawn appeals to the subject to “come see me now, I’m dying for your love.” At 1 minute and 30 seconds it’s a short intro but it does its job- it sets the mood for the four other songs on the project.

The next song, “Run”, is a fan favorite, appearing on various playlists by Djs and countdowns, and one can see why. Staying true to the theme, he sings, “Run… you can run but you cannot hide from me.”

It is a song that embodies the Shawn Maine sound. His songs are mellow yet persuasive. He uses his baritone voice gently, almost sparingly and it blends well with the calm instrumentals. It’s a rare confidence that betrays years of practice and honing of his craft. He does not have to strain his voice to prove a point. He knows what he is doing.

 In the third song, “Do it”, he raises the tempo. It is, in a way, a climax, a climax that borders on desperation. “I think it’s obvious that/ you really want my loving/ I think you know deep down, in a way, I’d love you better,” he sings. “I think it’s obvious that/ I really want your loving, / you think I’ll try to hide it away but I just won’t do it…,” he continues. The song is punctuated by higher notes as he tries to get his point across. I think he succeeds.

The fourth song “I hope”, is an admission. He sings about how, “Nobody can treat me right, only you/ … I just really feel like everybody else has changed,” and therefore, “I hope that I see you when I get back home.”

The final song on the EP is entitled “After 5”. It is a groovy song with an intimidating 808 drum beat that blares right through the speaker. The song is a celebration, a happy ending to the “After the pain” story as he sings, “Every after 5, you’re calling me.”

In summary, “After the Pain” is a brilliant EP, one that will resonate in the hearts of his fans for a long time, especially the ones in entanglements, situationships and relationships. It will also remind the ones who are not, of the times they were in love. Shawn Maine is a great songwriter, his songs are written expertly. The effect of this is felt after one listens to the EP a couple of times, because the songs stay ringing in the back of your head, days after you last listened.