2021 – The Year of the Urban Ugandan Album

February 12, 2022

So many gems were released in 2021 that it would be unjust for such a golden year of projects to go undocumented.

Behold, in no particular order, The Clan’s best Ugandan albums and EPs of 2021. 


African Music – Azawi

This album would feature on so many lists. It would feature on the mainstream album list, it would probably even feature on continental lists. It might be the best album of the year and it certainly is the best produced Ugandan album in years. 

Benon Mugumbya, the executive producer, and Azawi, both put in 100% as did the guest producers and features that reads like a who is who list – Levy, Steve Keys, Bomba, Kuseim, Michael Fingaz, [Ayo] Lizer, Myko Ouma, Benon, Fik Fameica, A Pass, Eddy Kenzo and Janzi band.

Our best song: We are spoilt for choice and it’s between the smash hit ‘My Year’, and the nostalgic ‘Loving is Easy’ ft Janzi band. We will go for the latter.

Kampala Boy – Flex D Paper

The Kampala Boy himself, Flex D Paper, finally released his highly anticipated debut album with features from Shena Skies, Navio, A Pass, Fik Fameica, Lagum the Rapper, Kemishan, Keko and others. It’s a diverse album with anthems old [Level up, Yenze Aliko, Mbikwasagwe] and new [Cheptegei, Geez, Not my Friends, Kamali and others].

It showcases Flex’s ability to create hip hop anthems using the best resources, in terms of features, available. It’s an album that was well worth the wait, with the potential to become timeless.

Our best song: Our best song will have to be ‘Not my Friends’ ft. A Pass. The message in the song coupled with A Pass’s haunting vocals in the chorus, make it one of the most memorable tracks on the hit laden album.

RWA – Cxnrvd

This project was highly anticipated, partly due to the success of one of the biggest songs on the scene this year, ‘Les Go Deh’, Cxnrvd’s joint drill album ‘House Drills’ with Denesi, and singles like ‘Surprise’ and ‘Kangye’. 

Surprisingly neither of the aforementioned songs made it to the five track EP but its brevity allowed for an amazing feat – a perfect project. Recently, Cxnrvd performed at Tavern in Najjera and the audience sang each of the songs on the project, word for word. Each song is special, and the production by Chxf Barry and Axon is next level.

Our best song: Our best song is ‘Ready’ ft. Chenkobe and Axon. The buildup of Cxnrvd’s soothing vocals and how the lyrics set up the scene, before Chenkobe takes it away, is magical.

A close second is the Mootownoh produced ‘HBTN’ (Hallowed Be Thy Name).

Afrosphere – JC Muyonjo

Following up on his 2016 project, ‘If we Try’, JC Muyonjo succeeds at creating an Afrocentric beauty. All the songs are produced by him, mixed by Abaasa and Wana, and mastered by Baru. The result is a cohesive art piece. 

From the intro by Mister Deejay adapted out of his famous SNMS show, to the final song, ‘Katitira, an ode to the old rutoro song, it’s a journey that one doesn’t want to miss, featuring memorable features from Tucker HD, Severe, Ebrahim Soul’o, Wake, Lamu, 1der Jr, Alvin and Muhinda.

Our best song: Our best song is ‘Akalango’ with Ebrahim Soul’o. The song has a live feel to it and the guest artist does a wonderful job of bringing the song to life, making it our standout song of a very good album.

Rzr – Lagum the Rapper

Lagum the Rapper is steadily building a reputation for being prolific. As we were just recovering from the brilliant, ‘Iso’, ‘Rzr’ was announced, and then released.

It is a satisfying project that concretizes Lagum’s place as the CLB of our industry. The Dustville produced project is a combination of great production, beautiful melodies and mature songwriting.

Our best song: Our best song is ‘GODS’, whose catchy hook encapsulates Lagum the Rapper’s uncanny ability to churn out sweet melodies, with clever lyrics. In addition, Eyezklozed outdid himself on the feature.

Mountains on the Moon Abaasa

As the year drew to a close, Abaasa delivered a follow up to his projects ‘Rukungiri’ and ‘1947’. Mountains of the Moon is a mature yet vulnerable release. The singer/ producer never compromises on production, and this project is no exception.

As he hits the high notes as only he knows how, you can tell that this project is personal and that he is baring his soul.

Our best song: Our best song is ‘Senvula’, a song that can’t get out of your mind once you listen to it.

Long list:

Joshua Baraka – Baby steps

Ill Gee – Flight Mode 2

Soundlykbb – Zaabu the Mixtape

Kavali King – Still waters run deep

Mootownoh – Escapades

CDave Honcho – Vwoo

King Hanny – Play x Over

Kohen Jaycee – Wena II

Eli Litman – Future History

Lukas Blacc – Blacc’s Mail

Ill Gee – Flight Mode 3 

Soundlykbb – Soundlykbb 3

Soundlykbb – Made in Entebbe

Ill Gee – African Madne$$

Ill Gee – Off road

Ill Gee- Funkahol

Ill Gee – Aristocash

Ill Gee – Bailiwick